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Hi, all! I'm back today with a favorites post. I've been enjoying a variety of products lately, and I thought it was time for another favorites post.

Giovanni D-Tox System Purifying Face Mask
Are y'all tired of me talking about this yet? I kind of really love it. It's basically a clay mask that draws out impurities and deep cleanses your skin. It doesn't leave my skin feeling dry, but rather clean from the inside. And the color (it's chalk gray) is also strangely satisfying to smear over the face.

Neutrogena Alcohol-Free Toner
I've been using this toner for over two years now. For me, this is a product that I've never really thought about how much I like up until now. It's gentle and helps balance out my skin and tighten pores without drying.

Sonia Kashuk Chic Luminosity Highlighter Stick in Sparkling Sands
I won't go too much into detail about this (full review coming soon), but basically it's a lovely stick highlighter that gives a subtle and beautiful glowing sheen. The stick makes it super handy as well, and the shade is a very nice champagne/gold/pearly shade.

Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal in Inked in Pink - review here
I've had this eyeshadow for a few months now, but haven't really used it much until now. It's slowly becoming one of my everyday makeup staples. It's quick and easy, and makes me look like I spent ages on my makeup when really it took me ten seconds to slap some on my lids.

NYX Slide On Pencil in Brown Perfection
This is a simple brown eyeliner, but it's so lovely. Doesn't smear, smudge, or run anywhere. It's easy to smudge out before it sets though, so that's what I've been doing - marking the edge of my lower lashline and smudging it out for a hazy yet defined look.

Favorite Lip Combo
I've been loving the Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm in Unique Pink with the NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Tea Rose. Both are a very natural pink color, which is hardly remarkable, but together they give me a pouty just-been-kissed esque look. Both are also super hydrating and the scents (minty and candy) make for a sweet smelling scent that wear comfortably.

Bath & Body Works Sea Island Cotton Hand Cream (I think this has been discontinued but I've linked you to the scent, something still worth smelling)
I've never really taken time to appreciate this cream, but I'm doing it now. It's a thick, luxurious feeling cream that absorbs in SO fast and really hydrates my hands. The moisturized feeling lasts for hours afterwards. The scent of this is also really lovely, relaxing and soft.

Boots Extracts Coconut Lip Balm
Yet another product I've hardly raved about, this is one of my favorite lip balms. It sinks in quickly, but the moisture given lasts for quite some time. It also has a pretty matte finish, which is strange in a lip balm but something that I appreciate.

Essie Buy Me A Cameo
I totally forgot to photograph this, sorry~! This is a beautiful rose gold shade, the website describes it as a "frosted satin mocha" if it helps you picture it any better. This was on my nails for the longest time!f

Time for random favorites! Warning - there's a lot. A lot are TV shows too. Don't laugh.

Nokia Lumia 521
Yes, I'm including a phone in my favorites! Haha, I just got this a week or so ago and although its got some faults, it's a nice phone. Windows 8 is a really nice platform for cell phones. Very customizable! I love it.

This was in my last favorites post... can you blame me? It just came back. Too good. I can't finish this thought, this show's just too much.

I've talked about this before! I love this show. It's a show about a boisterous family. It's quite realistic and humorous, but there are also underlying messages of love and family.

The Walking Dead
Man, this show got popular really quickly! I started watching when it first came out, and it was a quiet show. But by halfway through season 2 EVERYBODY was watching. I love this show. I love dark shows, and a show about the zombie apocalypse? Daaaaark.

Parks and Recreation
Parks has actually been back for quite some time, but this season is amaaaaaaazzzziiiiiiiing. Very funny and unexpected.

The Office
Dwight. 'Nuff said.

Thanks for reading! What have you been enjoying recently?

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