Sonia Kashuk Undetectable Pressed Powder | Review

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I write too many reviews on Sonia Kashuk products. What can I say? I just adore the line. I'm not sponsored by the brand in any way; the company probably isn't even aware of my existence. This product came out in the Spring 2014 line (which was launched fairly recently actually, in early May if my memory renders me correct).

What it is: pressed powder
Where: Target stores and the Target website
Price: $9.99
This brand is cruelty free!

I have dry skin that gets shiny. It's not oil, it's just shine. Sometimes I get confused and annoyed at this because without a powder there's no real way to get rid of this, as I can't blot it away because there's no oil. Because my skin is on the drier side, I'd never really felt the need to powder. But now that it's summer and I'm sweating all over the place the shine is more and more apparent, so I picked up this powder.

Sonia Kashuk says that "this weightless formula glides on effortlessly; delivering even coverage while a soft focus complex reflects light to minimize skin imperfections. This formula also contains a natural polymer that helps to regulate sebum production for a shine free, flawless complexion. Powder puff included for on the go application." This product contains .17 oz (5 g) of product and only comes in one translucent shade.

The packaging is nice and sleek. It comes in a matte black flip-top compact that has a magnetic closure and two levels, one for the product and one for the included brush. There is a decent sized mirror inside. The included brush? Thin. Flimsy. Weak. Very soft. Much like my biceps, or lack thereof. It's much too flimsy to be of much use. I don't think the mirror flips out far enough, but to be honest this is because the mirror I use for my makeup application used to be a powder compact and the mirror flips out to 180 degrees. This one flips out to maybe 150. Totally eyeballing it, but you can tell from the picture that it doesn't go out entirely.

In the pan, this powder appears a little peachy. This initial color sheers out to translucence when it is applied and blended out, so this powder would be suitable for all skintones. While it doesn't cover shininess entirely, it takes out enough to make your skin look semi-matte, and rather natural. I find that some powders are so mattifying that your skin doesn't look like skin. This matteness doesn't stay all day, but it lasts for a good three/four hours. I would recommend carrying it around to touch up with if you usually do something like that.

As you can see from my powder, it looks a little worse for the wear. I have like, a film over the product. Sometimes powder products (eyeshadows, face powders, etc) can tend to have some sort of film over the product, and that film prevents you from getting annnyyyyyy product. I scratched it off. As you can see, where the product isn't scratched there's no product on my finger but where it is there is. However, the film seems to refilm over the scratched off product after a few days and I have to scratch off another layer. I'm very annoyed by this. I might just crush it into a loose powder. When it works, this powder claims to be weightless and weightless it is. There's zero cakiness, no powdery face, nothing. It just seems like skin.

Overall, totally conflicted. I would be in love with this if there wasn't the issue of the film. That pisses me off to no end. This is the first SK product I've had any sort of beef with, and honestly I wasn't expecting to ever encounter this magic crappy SK product.

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