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I accidentally went an entire week without posting anything. I took all the pictures and everything but I guess forgot to upload them to the posts and didn't queue them. Ah, sorry about that. I don't even do much during the day - I go to work for the morning and then spend the rest of the die lying in bed with my computer resting on my boobs. I like to refer to it as "the Tumblr position."

What it is: a liquid lipstick that leaves a stain
Where: Sephora stores and online
Price: $13
Sephora is not a cruelty free brand. I am disappointed.

Sephora says that "this high-coverage lip product features avocado oil for a texture that transforms as you wear it: when applied, the initial cream texture becomes a silky, lightweight stain. Lips achieve stunning color and feel soft and comfortable." There are ten shades available, and about half of them have matte finishes. The one I'm reviewing is #3, Strawberry Kisses.

This liquid lipstick is packaged in a slim tube that contains .169 oz (about 4.7 grams) of product. It has a doe foot applicator, which is on the thinner side. I've noticed that lately brands have been opting for wider, paddle shaped doe feet. This doe foot applicator is great for precise application however, and I find it really easy to work with. It does tend to pick up a bit too much product and needs to be wiped off, but I'm okay with that.

Strawberry Kisses is a beautiful pinky-red. I'd call it an electric dark pink, if that makes sense. It's a really pretty color and flatters my skin, although I thought it might be too pink for it it looks great. This is available in a great variety of shades; there are classic reds and nudes, and also purpley mauves. The cream is very creamy and soft, and sets down to a matte finish almost immediately. It is suuuuuper pigmented. The swatch was one swipe with very little product on the doe-foot. Honestly, when I wear this I usually only use the tiny drop of product that I wipe off of the applicator.

I wanted to talk about how comfortable this is to wear. Obviously, as a long-wear matte color this isn't going to be hydrating, but it doesn't make your lips look flaky and dry like the NYX ones do. It won't emphasize any dryness on the lips, nor does it hydrate. I find that this is pretty comfortable to wear on the lips, although you can definitely feel that you have lipstick on. I actually noticed towards the end that my lips feel a little tacky, but nothing some blotting can't fix. As of the lip stain claim? That's bullshit. It's simply a super pigmented liquid lipstick.

Freshly applied.

Four hours and a nap later.

This is my 4 hour wear test. On a regular day I would've worn it for longer, but I was feeling grubby and wanted to wash my face. It doesn't even look like these pictures were taken at two different times. I did notice some bleeding on the bottom lip, but this could be stopped with the use of a lip liner. I didn't eat anything during this, but I was constantly drinking water. Although I didn't leave any lipstick prints on my water bottle, I did smooch the back of my hand and saw that it left a lipstick imprint. Interesting.

Would I recommend this? Well, yes - but to be honest these aren't that much better than the $6 (and with more product) NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams. If you have a bit more cash to spend definitely consider getting these, but in all fairness they're quite similar to the drugstore brand's.

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