NYX Gel Liner and Smudger | Review

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Hey guys, I wanted to apologize for the lack of posts lately. I've been writing too many essays for schools and just the thought of writing something else exhausts me.

What it is: Gel eyeliner
Where it is: online and Ulta stores
Price: $8.99
NYX is proudly cruelty free!

NYX says that this "ultra-smooth formula is both extremely precise and easily blendable. Perfect for a bold cat-eye or a sultry smokey look." There are five shades available; I have the black shade, which is called Betty. 

This product has very simple packaging. It's in a small, glass jar with a plastic lid. I always wonder why lids are plastic and jars are glass. Does it preserve the product better or something? Anyways, while this lid shuts securely, it's recommended that you store it upside down to keep air from getting in and drying out the product. This liner contains .11 oz (3 grams) of liner. That's about $90 per oz. For reference, MAC Fluidline contains the same amount and retails for $16, making it $160 per oz.

This liner is as black as my soul. It's a deeply pigmented, true black with a matte finish. While this sets down to a matte finish quickly, the product is super duper creamy. The texture is much more like a cream than a gel. When dipping the brush into the pot, it's almost like dipping it into Cool Whip. It applies easily and smoothly without dragging. While this liner doesn't smudge or fade or flake off on its own, it's not waterproof and will smudge when it comes in contact with tears. All in all, I really do recommend this, but if you have eyes that tear up easily like yours truly, you might want to keep your eyes dry.

Thanks for reading!

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