NYX Studio Liquid Liner in Extreme Gold | Review

9:31 PM

Hey guys, I'm really sorry for the inconsistent blogging. I keep forgetting that I do't have anything queued up. Anyways, today I have a review on a liner that I have quite a lot to say about.

What is it: colored liquid liner
Where it is: Ulta and online
Price: $4.50
NYX is proudly cruelty free!

I've seen an image floating around Pinterest for ages now of a girl with black liner with a thin gold line right over it, and recently I started lusting after a gold liner to be able to recreate the look. NYX says, "transform your look in seconds with this super-pigmented eye liner that highlights eyes with an electrifying stroke of color. The fine brush tip allows for precision application, and can be used to create lines of varying thickness. Go subtle or go glam." This product comes in ten shades, ranging from a classic black to an electric blue. The shade I'm reviewing is Extreme Gold.

I am not a fan of the packaging. It comes with a long, thin brush that is floppy and not exactly easy to control. Inexperienced eyeliner folks will not have a fun time with this, but if you know your way around a good liner you'll be okay.The well that the liner comes out of is also much too large, and you're forced to wipe the brush off before application, thus wasting liner. It contains .19 oz of product.

Holy me oh my. This liner is unbelievably pigmented. It is a light, bright gold with an extremely metallic and shiny finish. It's an eye-catching shade that will leave you in awe of how pigmented it is. Wear time is practically infinity. This fool will not come off without a battle. You gotta go down with your cotton swabs and oil and just go to town on your eye getting it off. It's not marketed as waterproof, but oh man oh man this is so waterproof. It's also smudgeproof, budgeproof, and bulletproof. It does take a moment to set, but I think those 20-30 seconds are worth 12+ hours of perfect liner.

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