September Favorites | Recently Loving #9

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Long time no see, everybody! Blogging is a side hobby for me and I started school again so it's quite easy for me to push blogging onto the back burner. I'll try to blog more often during the school year but it's rather difficult. Anyways, today I'm back with a favorites post. 

These shadows are discontinued but are still easily available online. They have a great great formula that is soft, blendable, and this specific shade has the perfect amount of shimmer. It's kind of a sandy brown.  I think I'll have a review up on the shades I have soon. Anyways, I've been popping this all over the lid and blending it out to above my crease. It gives a subtle wash of color that looks more like a stain than makeup. The longwear crease resistant formula is wonderful and I'm just obsessed with this product.

There are two types of this available, I have the white, sensitive version. This is a konjac sponge, which is essentially a sponge with cleansing properties because the material it's made of, konjac, is really good for the skin. I use this in the morning and buff it over my skin after I've massaged my cleanser in. I love how this feels on my skin, it has a light, porous texture that makes me feel like I'm promoting circulation and very very gently exfoliates, but it's not harsh or uncomfortable on the skin.

I've brought these two back into my rotation and I don't think they're ever leaving. THis concealer is just so light and easy to blend and it looks so skinlike and illuminating. Although the coverage isn't the fullest, the concealer is so brightening that it just blends out imperfections and bounces light away. A wonderful wonderful concealer.

Lately I've been wearing this eyeliner on my upper waterline. I never used to do this because I always thought removal was a hassle, but I've been rimming my waterline with this and pairing it with lashings of mascara and it just makes my lashes look so thick, full, and natural. I've got a review on this eyeliner up here, but I'll reitoriate - super smooth and easy to apply, so unbelievably pigmented, and so long lasting. This waterproof pencil lasts 8/9 hours without smudging on the inner rim. 

I parted from this for a few days to go back to an old liquid liner favorite but since then I've just realized how much I love this. It's waterproof as hell and doesn't smudge, flake, or fade. The long nib makes application very easy, and mine is coming to the end of it's tenure and I will soon be needing new one. I am very very sad over it ):

These are my newest brush additions. This is a duo of double ended eye brushes, intended to give you all the eye brushes you need for a look. Like all other Ecotools brushes, these are soft, synthetic, and dry quickly. They apply product beautifully and really are enough for a look. My favorites are the shading and blending brush, but the smudger and angled liner are just as good.

Jenna Hipp Nail Polish in This Is My Jam
I've never really been one for bold nail colors, I usually paint my nails with my beloved Essie Buy Me A Cameo, which is a bronzed rose gold. This burgendy/maroony shade is a great autumnal color; it's bold but not statement, and looks great matte or shiny.

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