Skincare Products I've Been Using Recently | Mask Edition

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I enjoyed writing the last skincare post so much I thought I'd bring you a version about masks. I normally don't write skincare reviews on my blog because what works for me might be a disaster for you, but I do enjoy sharing products and giving my opinion, so these mini-reviews are perfect! Today is a face mask edition. I used to use masks quite frequently, and then got a bit lazy with the process because I found it too slow and tedious. Recently I've been using them again and really enjoying the process I used to find boring.

Starting from left to right, this Petal Fresh Botanics Aloe & Cucumber Facial Peel Off Masque is something I found in Taiwan and I cannot find and proof of this brand anywhere other than Ebay. But basically, it's a gel that you apply to your face, and it forms a film that you can peel off about ten minutes later. It's cool and satisfying, but alcohol denat is the second ingredient in this product and I'm trying to back off from products with high alcohol content.

The Elizabeth Arden Hydrating Mask is something that I actually wrote a review on. I don't feel as if it actually hydrates my skin, but I like the scent and it's tingly and cooling on the face. The consistency is very nice too, it feels almost clay based but it doesn't harden.

This third mask I got recently, and I've been really enjoying it. The Giovanni D-Tox System Purifying Facial Mask is quickly becoming one of my skincare staples. The mask isn't very opaque, which is nice because I don't look like a serial killer, it smells quite fresh and natural, and really helps my skin feel cleansed from the inside. It doesn't dry out my skin, nor does it bring blemishes to a head (although I know that's good I cannot stand it).

Probably my favorite mask of the bunch, one that I always use is the Origins Drink Up Intensive. I'm sure you've heard of it, it's exploded over the blogosphere. I've had this sample size since February, and it's still going strong! This is a hydrating mask that you leave on overnight. But don't worry, it absorbs into your skin so it doesn't end up on your pillowcase and sheets. It smells like apricots, feels luxurious, and in the morning the skin just looks and feels beautiful.

This Yes To Cucumbers Calming Facial Mask is something I'm pretty partial to. It smells too strongly of cucumbers, but otherwise I can't find any faults. It works fairly quickly, the clay drying within ten minutes, so if you're in a hurry and you need a quick detox mask than this will do the job. I don't think it's anything amazing, but I don't dislike it.

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