Triple Threat Facial - VDM Style

4:23 PM

I'm sure you all read the famous Vivianna Does Makeup, and that you're familiar with her "Triple Threat Facial" posts. In case you aren't, I'll catch you up. Basically it's a triple whammy - first you exfoliate, then you deep cleanse, then you hydrate. I really enjoy doing these because afterwards my skin feels smooth me hydrated, and looks radiant and glowing.

Sometimes I like to mix up my own scrub by just adding a bit of sugar into my usual face wash, but more often than not I like to use the St. Ives Green Tea Scrub, which doesn't do much for acne but is great for buffing and polishing the skin. I like to apply it to a dry face (with damp fingers) to really make the most of it. I tend to leave it on my skin for a couple minutes simply because I like the way it smells.

The next step would then by a detox or deep cleansing mask. Mud and clay masks are especially good for this, so my weapon of choice for today is the Giovanni D-Tox Purifying Face Mask. It has a soothing scent and the skin feels cleansed from the inside.

The last and final step is to use a hydrating mask. My favorite one is the Origins Drink Up Intensive because hey, what's not to love? It smells nice, reeeeally hydrates your skin, and pretty much makes me happy.

Thanks for reading! Try out this facial method and let me know what you think.

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  1. I love my Origins Drink Up Intensive! It's something I'm going to bring on the plane with me when I make my 18 hour flight soon! i've been looking for a good detox mask - the REN one and the Origins one are on my list, but I'll be looking into this one as well! Great post, Em! x

    Daphne | Peanut Butter and Chocolate Life | bloglovin

    1. I adore the Drink Up Intensive! Everything about it is just so lovely. I've heard great things about both those masks! The REN one is legendary and I'm itching to try it~


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