What's in my school makeup bag?

4:33 PM

For many of us, school is starting - or has already started. One of the infinite issues I have with school is that I'm in a controlled environment with hundreds of other kids. These few words are not a good sign. Emergencies could happen anytime. For this reason, I've collected a few items over the years that I find are a good quick fix for anything that might happen during school.

  • Hand sanitizer - self explanatory. I always carry around a hand sanitizer. More often than not, it's on of Bath and Body Works's Pocketbac ones because they smell lovely! 
  • Hand cream - I have sad, dry skin so hand cream is a must for me. This L'Occitane Cherry Princess Hand Cream is luxurious and lovely, and hydrates my hands.
  • Lip balm - I freaking love lip balm. I have one everywhere, so it makes sense that I would have one in my bag. And it makes for a good cuticle balm if you have a cuticle emergency during school (if that's even possible?). I currently have my Nivea Lip Butter tossed in the bag.
  • Perfume - I wear perfume almost everyday. Whenever I forget I whip out this Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange rollerball. It smells tangy and unoffensive, I love it!
  • Tinted lip balm - because I need more than one lip balm. This usually gets rotated around, but right now it's the Boots Botanics Tinted Lip Balm. Good for a subtle tint of color to really wake up your complexion if you're looking sallow or pale.
  • Makeup remover wipes/pads - personally I don't carry these around because I don't wear much makeup to school (just brows and a bit of concealer) but I think these are great to have in case you have an eye watering experience and your mascara gets messed up or something.
  • Eye drops - this isn't something everybody needs, but I definitely recommend for contact wearers or people with sensitive/dry eyes like myself!
  • Gum/mints - nobody likes to have bad breath, but these also hold off my hunger until lunch!
  • Hair ties/bobby pins - also self explanatory.
  • Band-aid - I always manage to cut myself during school, and sometimes I'm just too damned lazy to ask the teacher for one or go to the nurse.
  • Tampon - alllllso self explanatory.
  • Tylenol - in case myself or a friend gets a sudden headache!
  • Tissues - another self explanatory thing. Gosh Emily, could you be any more boring?
Thanks for reading! What's in your school/travel makeup bag?

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