[My] Summer Red

1:21 PM

Last week Alix put up a post on the perfect summer red lip color. It's been on my mind literally day and night since then, and today I made a quick stop to Sephora and picked up one of their Cream Lip Stains, available in 9 colors and retail for $13. The shade the immediately caught my eye was 03, Strawberry Kisses, a "matte bright pinky red." My boyfriend thought it was a really nice shade as well. This is a lovely pop of a summer filled shade of red that wears well and comfortably. I highly recommend you pop into your local Sephora and pick up this shade. 

(A proper review of this product will be up after I test it thoroughly. Stay tuned!)

By the way, have you been watching the World Cup? Who are you rooting for? I originally thought Croatia was going to beat Brazil out, but that didn't turn out....

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