Pacifica Smolder Eye Lining Gel in Tahitian Pearl | Review

6:25 PM

What it is: cream eyeliner/eyeshadow
Where: Wherever Pacifica is sold (Target, certain supermarkets and Whole Foods, online)
Price: $14
Pacifica is a cruelty free brand!

Pacifica is a brand that I've not tried very much from, but I absolutely adore their Sea Foam Complete Face Wash. I was really interested in these eyeliners when they first came out, as they had the most gorgeous shades, so I picked this one up. I did think it was black at first, but nonetheless the color is beautiful. Their makeup line launched around this time last year I believe, but they've added some lip and eye products.

Pacifica says "The Smolder Gel Eye Liner [ ] stands above the rest. It's not waxy or tacky but has a creamy finish that can be smudged or left sharp. The smooth application allows you to rock a natural to smoky dramatic look with long-lasting natural mineral color. Line the eyes effortlessly or use as an allover creaseless shadow. Can be worn sheer or layered for more intensity. Gently line both upper and/or lower eye lid with a lining brush for a dramatic effect, or simply use your finger to smudge the edges for your sexy smolder. A product that is a true multi-tasker. 100% vegan." There are three shades available, and I'm reviewing Tahitian Pearl.

The packaging is pretty basic, but functional and aesthetically pleasing. The product is housed in a simple white jar with a screw-off lid. There's a window that allows one to see the shade inside, which is convenient if you want to own more than one. Inside there is .07 oz of product.

Before we move onto the formulation I want to talk about the shade, which is simply amazing. Pacifica describes it as a "pearlized green/gray with gold dust" and while that's definitely true, I think the best way to describe it is a deep khaki with gold shimmers. It's a very beautiful and flattering shade on my medium complexion and dark brown eyes.

This product is super duper creamy. I was surprised by the soft, creamy texture - I was expecting a true gel texture, but this has more of the texture of a cream shadow. It's easily blendible, a bit too easy to smudge, but easy to build up. As the product claims, it can be used as both a cream shadow and a liner. Sounds great, right? But here lies the problem. This product never really sets, making it easy to fade drastically and quickly and prone to creasing. I suppose one could set it over with an eyeshadow, but isn't that kind of counterproductive?

All in all, this product falls in the "if only" category. Do not get unless you're okay with setting it and working really hard to get it to stay on your lids. 

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