Photography + Start of 2014 | Life Update

6:47 PM

This is a life update. For me, 2014 had a bit of a rocky start. Since returning to school, I've been quite stressed and constantly tired. Last week in particular dragged me along by the hair, kicking and screaming. The weekend, although a nice break, felt like an all-too-familiar dream where I wake up in school.

My mom went to Taiwan for a month to see her parents, leaving my brother and I alone with the devices of our father. Not a big deal really, because my brother takes me to school and then commutes to his school but the house without my mother is so... quiet.

On a different note, I finished an arduous research paper on Jeffersonian and Jacksonian democracy. The word limit was unbelievably short, so the hardest part of actually writing the paper was cutting words down. I handed it today asking the teacher to "please take care of my baby." I got some odd looks.

And now onto some photography! These are my favorite pictures from Project 365 so far. To be perfectly honest I take most of these after the sun goes down, in artificial lighting, hence why I like to put vintage, old-timey filters on my pictures - they disguise the bad lighting. I've also been using the same lens for every single picture this year, I've grown quite reattached to it after leaving it for a year or two.

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