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I'd just like to point out that I am an extremely unproductive person. I procrastinate the hell out of things. Even making food. Sometimes I think that I have slight ADD because I can't focus on much at once. However, once I get in the groove, I can be super productive. In today's post I'll be sharing with you how I stay productive when I have a lot to get done. Usually it's homework with a dangerously looming deadline.

Eat Right
Eating right can give you a buttload of energy. Make sure you have a lot of liquids, natural sugars, and healthy foods. Yes, Doritos and Cheez-its can seem like a great snacking food while you're working on sit-down stuff, but in the end they make you feel bloated, puffy, and overall crappy. Instead, grab some dried or regular fruit like clementines, oranges, mangos, grapes, etc. If you're not a fruit person, that's fine. Get some nuts. Anything that gives you energy, but in a natural, healthy way. Make sure you drink a lot of water or tea! You'd be surprised how eating right can make you more productive.

Don't Stress
I know people say this all the time and you probably respond with a snappy "everybody stresses, how can I not stress?!" Don't worry, this is only natural. You're absolutely right. Everybody stresses! But try your best to keep your stress levels low; do whatever it takes to stay cool and relaxed. Take a break every now and then, listen to relaxing music, etc. Things that help you unwind are a great break time activity. Catch up on the latest Parks and Rec episode (I love Parks), take a Pokemon break, whatever. Just try your best to stay collected rather than frantic. It helps you look at things at a clearer perspective and keeps your grapefruit (mind) running.

Get Organized!
This is my best tip. When I have a lot to get done, I make lists. Chores and others on one side, homework and studying on another. Within those lists, I put everything from most important to least important. When I finish something, I cross it off. Feels great! I like to switch between chores and homework so I don't get swarmed in a pile of quantum physics notes and lose my mind. It might help you to get a task organizer or agenda; I simply write everything down on a notepad. There are tons of brilliant apps though, I highly recommend this lovely one. You'll find that when you're organized everything just goes smoother and you get more done, thus being much more productive.

Don't Procrastinate
This is a big issue for me. I can't not procrastinate. My body just isn't to trained to do anything right when my mind tells it to do it. However, I have really cut down on my procrastinating! Putting things off is the exact opposite of being productive; just do it. It seems painful and boring and annoying but you'll feel accomplished when you finish and you can do whatever you feel like.

Some smaller tips are to take care of yourself, ask others if you need help, get plenty of rest, and remember that being productive takes a lot of effort. I hope this helped~

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