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4:20 PM

Hi, everyone! How are y'all doing? Today was weird and gross and rainy and cold, but nothing like last week's high-of-12-degrees-Fahrenheit weather. Anyways, today I'm writing a review on a product that I've mentioned a few times, always saying good things. I'd taken the pictures months ago and forgot I had them until today.

What it is: a brow pencil
Where it is: Target stores
Price: $5.79
BTW: Sonia Kashuk is cruelty free!

Let's talk about brows for a second. Brow pencils are really hard to get right. Sometimes they're too hard, too soft, not waxy enough, too waxy. Some of them don't brush out, some of them brush out too much. This pencil hits the spot. Everything is so nice. SK claims that this pencil is " non-greasy and highly heat resistant. Use it to lengthen the light and particularly thin eyebrow hairs or with more thinner and closer perpendicular marks, to re-size a sparsely haired eyebrow arch." There are two shades available, Taupe (which I hear is wonderful for blonds) and Haze, which is the shade I have and am reviewing.

Packaging for this pencil is very basic but nice. It comes in a matte black pencil that has to be sharpened. More hygienic, but also wastes a little bit of product. The color on the end of the pencil corresponds with the shade. It doesn't come with a spoolie, which is the only thing I would change. Packaging is average and plain.

As you can see, Haze is a fairly lightly pigmented pencil. It looks a tad ashy in the picture, but it's very neutral toned - not too red, not too brown. I think this would suit a large range of brunettes, from dark blonds to people with soft black hair like mine. The formula for this pencil is really nice. As SK claimed, this pencil is non-greasy and very long lasting. You know how some brow products you have to set or the color will fade? Not with this little guy. He holds color really well. It's also easy to brush out with a spoolie or brush, but not to the point where it brushes away. 

This pencil checks all the boxes, and it has an affordable price! Highly recommend.

Thanks for reading! What's your favorite brow product?

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