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Happy New Year! I can't believe 2013 is finally over. I hope you had a safe and happy holiday season. Today, I'm doing a collective haul. I was supposed to be in Michigan this week, but something came up and my trip had to be canceled. Oh well, there will be other times. Anyways, these are items that I have bought over the span of December, or received as Christmas presents. My family doesn't really celebrate Christmas, we're all too lazy to get presents for one another and my friends and I did a Secret Santa, so I didn't really get  many Christmas presents, but it's not a big deal! I'm still grateful for my friendships.

Let's start off with skincare samples! If you fill out this questionaire from Mario Badescu, they'll give you a list of some recommended products and then email you a few days later asking if you would like samples. Granted, these samples are tiny (note the hair tie for size reference) but they're generously filled and I haven't run out of any yet. The samples come with some booklets about the company and the products you received, they're even initialed by the president. It's really wonderful.

Next we have some beauty products. I've got the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush here, an impulse buy from earlier this month. I quite like the brush, but I've got to admit that it's so much smaller than I imagined. Another brush (or brush set, I should say) is the Ecotools Essential Eye Set. These are very nice. They're fluffy and soft, and I love the small size. Not to mention that with this set, you're pretty much set with eye brushes. I've got two products from The Face Shop here. In case you didn't know, The Face Shop is a Korean beauty brand. They're a little tough to find in America but there are stores and retailers. My friend got me a perfume (Soul Promise Ring) and a blush (Coral Cushion Blusher) from Fort Lee. They're both really lovely. Finally, I've got a concealer, the NYX HD Photogenic Concealer in Medium. I got this off Amazon from a great seller with quick shipping and I'm in love. It reflects light like a dream, casting away any dark marks or circles. 

I don't know how to photograph clothes. Don't hate me ^^"

Boxing Day isn't very well known in America, but a lot of stores like to drop their prices around Christmastime. I went shopping on Christmas Eve AND the equivalent of Boxing Day and I got quite a few items for very cheap.

So I went to H&M, which was having this ridiculously cheap sale... Items up to 65% off and buy two get one free? How could I ignore that? I got quite a few basics from there. I got a plain white v-neck and a black tank top with silver buttons. Both very simple and basic, and plus they're made of organic cotton! The red shirt is from RedBubble, it's a Supernatural shirt from my buddy for Christmas. Hehe.

More H&M! These are two high-low jersey tops with small breast pockets. They're the same shirt, just in a different color. I really like these high low shirts that cover my butt so I can wear leggings and not have to wear a thong. TMI? Maybe. But they're genius.

Another plain white t-shirt, this one loose and flowy. The one on the right I purchased at TJ Maxx. I can't find the brand anywhere, but the tags read Workshop. It's another high low, btw. Emily is happy.

Cardigans and sweaters, my favorite types of clothes. The one on the far left, hidden behind the other two is a plain gray crewneck from Old Navy (the plaid is my shirt, lol). It was discounted from $17 dollars to $4! The red one in the middle is a simple open cardigan from F21, super soft and was very cheap. There are even pockets. I love me some pockets. The cardigan on the right is also very basic; a v-neck buttoned one that is plain black. 

Finally, I got some pants. These gray jean/pant things are super cute, with panels by the knees. There's also a pair of plain black fleece-lined leggings which I LOVE. Perfect for winter wear.

Thanks for reading! What'd you get this holiday season?

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