The Overnighters

2:41 PM

As much as I wish I wasn't, I'm such a routine girl. I wish I could just live in the moment; after all, if I forget one thing, what's the harm? Apparently it's everything because I almost always have to do something in order of my routine otherwise I get really twitchy and annoyed. My OCD is like that. I have certain products that I have to use every single night, without fail. Read on to see what they are~

Obviously, I've got my usual moisturizers. But these change every now and then so I'm not gonna mention the ones I'm using right now. However, every night, without fail, I apply coconut oil onto my eyelashes and eyebrows. I feel like this helps make them strong and keeps them from breaking. A lip balm I use religiously is C.O. Bigelow's aptly named My Favorite Night Balm because it makes my lips unbelievably nourished, soft, and supple. I can still feel the balm on my lips when I wake up, even when I use the smallest bit! The hand cream that I apply every night as if my life depends on it is the L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream. Although I don't like the smell of it, I enjoy how soft this makes my hands and it's comforting to me to apply this thick hand cream.

Thanks for reading! What are your overnighters?

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