Weird Beauty Tricks #1

3:28 PM

Random picture I pulled out of my archive!
Clean off your spoolies/brow brushes with a coffee filter. I don't get how people can use the same spoolie for years and not clean it. The thought of that just grosses me out. I try to clean mine about every three or so days so that it dispenses the color and brushes out my brows better, and I can't quite do that with a washcloth or paper towel because it catches fibers in it. A coffee filter will effectively clean off your spoolie without getting any coffee filter shrapnel caught in it.

When traveling with loose powders, tape over the sifters. Clean the cap and sifter first, of course! But taping over the sifter is going to prevent all your powder from getting jostled around and possibly spilling all over your stuff when you open the jar later.

Shampoo after conditioner. This trick isn't for everybody - your hair might hate it. But if you find that your hair is weighed down and just doesn't quite feel right all the time, give this a go. That way, you shampoo out the conditioner residue that could possibly be weighing your hair down. Remember that this trick shouldn't be a regular thing (you can cause some serious damage to your hair) but if you have trouble getting volume you should try it, and if you like it do it about a third of the time!

This is another tip that isn't for everyone, especially not me personally, but it might be great for you - try it out! Apply lipstick while you're smiling, so that it ensures full coverage and things won't sink into lines weirdly. It doesn't work for me because I have quite thin lips, but those of you with lovely full lips could potentially benefit greatly from this!

Double cleanse your face! Try washing your face twice. Once to take off makeup, and once to get down into the skin. This trick is especially great for cleansing balms and thick cream cleansers.

Apply body lotion when your body is still wet. I actually did this for two or so years. You'll find that your limbs are so much softer and gets a lot of use out of a little lotion. It would seem that the water would emulsify the lotion and make it less moisturizing, but on the other hand it locks in the moisture and leaves you with silky soft legs. This can also be used with body oils as well.

Thanks for reading! Do you have any weird tips?

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