5 Easy Ways To Be Happier

2:08 PM

Hi, guys! With the weather and spirits being generally better, I thought I'd write a quick post about some simple ways to embrace happiness more. I'm not really a happy person, and even I benefit greatly from these posts.

  1. Switch things up! Feel free to switch them up as much as you want. Routine, while healthy, can get boring and monogamous. A bit of change can really perk your mood up. Perhaps change your personal style a bit, get a new spring fragrance, try a new hairstyle. Personally, I've been wearing my hair in braided updos a lot more these days rather than just let it sit around my shoulders. 
  2. Exercise! I know everybody tells you to do this for everything, and for good reason too. Exercise is good for you, not just physically but also mentally too. It can change your outlook on life. If you're not one to go lifting at the gym (I know I'm not) you could do something much more simple like jog for half an hour every day, or yoga, which you can do in the comfort of your own home. There are tons of easy routines on Pinterest and YouTube.
  3. Get colorful. I want to let you know that I'm really not one for color. I wear the same three colors - black, white, and blue - but even I love this little trick. Paint your nails a pretty pastel, or change up your hair color. I might dye the back of my hair purple. You could try some colored liner - purple is a great starter color for those a bit afraid to venture into colored eyeliner.
  4. Read some books! I absolutely adore reading, but since I don't have a lot of time these days I find myself reading less and less. To combat this, I've been reading a little bit every evening before I go to bed. Normally when I start a book I like to finish it on the same day, so no wonder I don't have time to read for six hours straight! Pick some light reading, such as short stories. This little thing can really help you relax and sleep better, at least it does for me!
  5. Spend less time looking at screens. I feel like this is a happy tip for all the time, and rightfully so. Now, I'm a student - I have to spend a lot of time on my computer and iPad doing work, but I try my hardest to put away the screens and spend more time in a light, airy environment with my notebook and pens. Not to say that you ignore your phone (I can't do this for the life of me), but try not to be glued to it for a little bit more.
Thanks for reading! Do you have any ways to be happier?

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