How could you do this to me? | Disappointing Products #1

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It's not often that I end up with a disappointing product. I try to read up on my things before I buy them, that way I don't waste money and end up with a product I don't enjoy using. I find makeup to be relaxing and fun to apply, and disappointing products just kill my buzz. Read on to see what products left me dissatisfied. 

Almay Sofies
Read my review here. These eyeshadows, seemingly great on paper, are terribly in practice. You can only get color payoff if you shove your finger into the pan and then onto your eyelid, which already sounds awful. Using a brush is useless, they won't pick up the pigment but stain the brush so you end up sweeping a brush with shadow on it but not getting any to the eyelid. Not to mention that they have terribly lasting power and blendibility. What a shame. The packaging is so cute.

Yes to Grapefruit CC Cream
This is Yes To's first and only makeup item (unless you count tinted lip balms), and I was sorely disappointed. I read somewhere when this first came out that this was a true CC cream; it has some lengthy claims about reducing discoloration and improving skin texture and won an Allure award, but I just don't get it. I myself am a light base sorta gal but this is far too light for me. There's no coverage, hardly even a tint! Not to mention that the shades are terrible - a light shade and a light/medium. I've got the light/medium, which is in actuality a medium/dark shade with a strong pink undertone, while the light is incredibly pale with a strong yellow undertone. It's not that big of a deal since this CC cream gives no coverage and sheers out to nothing, but if I'm buying a base that promises to color correct my skin, I expect it to do so.

NYX Slide On Eyeliner in Brown Perfection
I know a lot of people like these liners and compare them to the UD 24/7 Glide On ones, but if the UD ones are anything like the NYX ones I'll pass. Don't get me wrong, this isn't a bad eyeliner - not by a long shot - but it's nothing amazing. It's just not silky and creamy enough, plus I find that it disappears on its own after a short while. I'll stick with my Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pens, thank you very much!

Burt's Bees Mango Lip Butter
After hearing a couple Youtubers rave about this I figured I'd give it a go, as I'm always looking for my next favorite lip balm. People claim that this just moisturizes the lips so well, but I'd have to disagree. The moisture is very temporary, disappearing within ten minutes and leaving me with parched lips. In order to keep the balm texture, I have to reapply every five minutes, which is annoying and a waste. It smells very nice - like mangos - but that's not enough to make me like it. I've forced myself to use it, simply because I need to start working through my lip balms, but I'm not smitten.

Real Techniques Shading Brush
Ah, this fellow. Nobody ever talks about this. The Pixiwoo sisters included. I picked up two of these because they're part of the incredible RT line and I figured they'd be great. In theory, they should be! These synthetic Taklon brushes are stiff and dense, making them great for packing on color. The problem is that they barely pick up any pigment. I can't use this in a different manner, because shading brushes are designed for packing on color and I don't really like to pack my concealer (only other thing I can think of for this). As of late I've been using it to apply a tiny amount of shadow to my lower lashline, but I'm not really happy with it as the bristles scratch the delicate skin.

Thanks for reading this rather negative post, haha. Remember, if you like any of these, don't take it personally - I just wasn't swayed by them.

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