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Hi, everyone! I hope your day's going well. Today was much colder than our pretty mild weekend and I've been shivering all day, despite the fact that before four days ago it was the same weather. Anyways, I'm back with a review today and a relatively new release, the Almay Shadow Softies. Read on!

What it is: Individual eyeshadows
Where: drugstores
Price:: around $4.50
Anything else: Almay has an unclear animal testing policy. The company itself doesn't test on animals, but is owned by Revlon, which does test on animals - however, Almay does third party testing, meaning their products are sold in China (which requires animal testing). However, recently Almay has pulled their products out of China for financial reasons.

These eyeshadows were recently released and I was drawn in by the cute packaging and fun colors. Almay says that "these light as air, whipped powder shadows glide on for a sheer wash of crease-free color with a cushiony soft feel. in 12 shades, 6 mattes and 6 metallics. hypoallergenic, ophthalmologist tested." Today I'll be reviewing Creme Brulee and Smoke.

Packaging is simple and cute - each shade comes in an individual snap-shut Q-shaped packaging. They snap shut securely, so no fear that they'll open and smear around. Personally I don't mind that they're individual; they're very slim and small but I can see why some people could be annoyed by it.

I wanted to talk about the formulation of these shadows. Almay says they're "whipped powder", leaving me to wonder are they powder? Are they cream? Are they mousse? To be perfectly honest, they're just buttery. They're very smooth and soft. A lot of people are saying they have give; if you push down hard enough your finger will make a dent. I think you're pushing down way too hard for your own good. As you can see from the swatches, these are very sheer. They're intentionally sheer, but seriously, why so sheer and barely visible? Any why are they part of the color intense line? These shadows are best applied with fingers. Brushes just can't pick up enough pigment for some reason. 

Creme Brulee is beautiful in the pan. I appears to be a shimmery gold champange with small glitter. I was really looking forward to this shade, but there's no color, basically just a goldish sheen with shimmer and glitter. I was really disappointed by this.

Smoke is slightly better. Smoke is a gray-toned dark brown. It's a matte shadow with specks of shimmer throughout the pan, if you know what I mean. When applied it looks like a dull, slightly shimmery gray. This is pretty applied on the lower lashline because it's so subtle with the use of brush.

These shadows have pretty disappointing wear time. The color fades and creases really quickly, making them kind of useless. My eyelids, while oily, aren't a big oily mess that eat up shadow, but man these shadows were gone in a couple hours. 

Overall? Sorely disappointed. I really wanted to like these, but they're just not very impressive. Do not pick up!

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  1. some of the shades are so pretty and the price is so low, I was tempted to pick some up...but I'm glad that I didn't! Great review!


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