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When someone says "beauty tools" the first thing that ever pops into mind are makeup brushes, even though I know the term goes far beyond some brushes. Today I thought I'd show you my small but trusty arsenal of beauty tools. I probably should've waited a few more weeks to do this post (I've got some coming in the mail right now) but I'm really excited to make this post.

Tweezers | Spring Hair Remover | Face Cleansing Pad | Cotton Swabs | Eyelash Curlers | Spoolie

Hair removal. One of the worst things ever, but a necessity for me. I have two things in this category; tweezers and this little spring thing. Tweezers are important, I think for everyone. Not just for beauty... You can also use the pointed ones to dig things out of small spaces (please don't ask... let's just say I go through that a lot). I have a pair of slanted ones here. Everyone says to go for the Tweezerman ones, which I don't have because they're expensive and I have these, but I do hear great things about the Tweezerman ones. Another hair removal item that I find myself reaching for is this spring hair remover. Basically, you roll it up your skin and it plucks the peach fuzz or girlstache out. It's painful, but satisfying and quick. 

These facial pads are so underappreciated. These days everyone's going for Clarisonics and fancy devices but I'm all for these little guys. It's basically a bunch of little silicone feelers/arms/whatever you wanna call them. You squeeze cleanser onto it and then massage your face. It's gentle and helps to really deep cleanse the skin. These are affordable, convenient, and easy to use. I highly recommend for everyone.

Cotton swabs. Remember that creepy girl from Zoey 101 that loved them? I think her name was Stacy. This was an American kids show, if it doesn't make any sense to you and I just seem crazy. Anyways, cotton swabs have a million uses. Apply a spot treatment, clean up eyeliner, smudge out eyeliner, remove makeup, etc. I can't live without them and always have a pack of like 700 lying around.

Eyelash curlers are something that many people think are torture devices. It's really hard to find the pair, but there's one out there for everyone. I'm still on the hunt myself, actually. But anyways, they're necessary for the mascara lover because they really open up the eyes and make mascara look a thousand times better.

Pictured I don't actually have a spoolie, but a brow brush/lash comb duo. I don't really have a preference between the two. Spoolies (or these brush comb duos) are great because you can do a lot with them. Brush out eyebrows, unclump mascara, or even wipe away eyeshadow fallout. They're available everywhere and with every brush set and just an essential to have. 

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