Sonia Kashuk Brightening Powder | Review

11:51 AM

Happy Tuesday! I realize it's only the second day but I feel like this week is crawling by. Sigh. Today I'm writing a review on a product I got a few weeks ago and have been using regularly ever since.

What it is: a powder
Where: Target stores and the website
Price: $10.39
BTW: Sonia Kashuk is cruelty free!

All I ever talk about is how much I love SK products. I'm aware how annoying it is, sorry ): But my oh my these products are amazing. Packaging, formulation, and price point are always spot on. I've heard that this is a great dupe for the Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder. I don't have any proof on this, it's just some information I heard on the blogosphere.

Sonia Kashuk says to "apply this super sheer, silky powder over concealer or as a highlighter to brighten skin for a radiant and refreshed look. The velvety, creamy texture contains properties that moisturize and protect skin against light induced damages. Recommended for all skin types and contains Orchid extract that softens and moisturizes with antiseptic properties." It's only available in the one shade.

The packaging of this product is pretty basic. It comes in a clear screw off container. A sifter keeps most of the product out. Nobody seems to like the packaging for loose powders because they're just kind of messy; personally I don't mind, but I would like to see the old packaging. SK is currently repackaging all their products, and before this product was in this simple container apparently it was in a compact with a mirror and locking mechanism. The powder came with a puff, which I tossed because I don't like applying powders with a puff.

In the jar, this product is totally stark white - a bit shocking, but it sheers to near translucency, leaving a more lightened applied area. You don't look lighter where you put the powder, more just... brighter. This powder is very finely milled; it doesn't settle into fine lines or accentuate any texture flaws. It's got a liiiiiiittle bit of shimmer in the powder. The shimmer particles aren't quite noticeable, but they do produce a very brightening effect on the skin. (I had a lot of trouble capturing the shimmer, sorry!) In combination with the almost-translucency color, the shimmer produces a really nice, healthy glow. SK recommends to apply this as a setting powder over concealer. I don't like using this around the nose because one, it highlights my nose which I am not a fan of, and two, it doesn't really help prevent creasing. I do really like this under the eyes an on the cheekbones because it really lifts the face and makes you look healthy and awake.

If you look at the cap, you can see the shimmer!

The verdict? I think this is a nice powder and good highlighter. It's not for everyone because of the shimmer, but if you're a fan of brightening products I would def check this out.

Thanks for reading! What are your favorite powders? Please let me know, I'm not a big powder fan but I'm looking to expand my boundaries.

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  1. I'm always a fan of a little bit of glow :) I'll definitely look out for this one; I've been really into loose powders lately....not sure why though haha!


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