Sonia Kashuk Eyeshadow Duo in Diamond Life | Review

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What's cookin', good lookin'? So today I wanted to get a review out for you. I've hit blogger's block and everything I write I hate, which is why lately I haven't been posting as frequently. But today I saw a Sonia Kashuk Spring Makeup commercial (so puuuumped) and it reminded me to finish writing this post, a review of one of her duos.

What it is: an eyeshadow duo
Where: Target stores
BTW: SK products are not tested on animals!

I probably should've photographed this before I used it... bad blogger whoops. Anyways, I've had my eye on these shadows for a while. I have another SK palette, and it's amazing so I thought I would invest in one of these. 

Sonia Kashuk says that these shadows "blend combinations together for beautifully contoured and captivating lids. Creaminess adherence and color pureness allows for a high impact buildable coverage that won't crease. " There are 8 shades available (I believe the spring lineup has some more shades coming out!) and I'm reviewing Diamond Life.

So the packaging is super basic, but as always, very nice. It's quite small (I totally forgot to put something down in comparison) but it's about the size of a small post-it. It has a magnetic closure, which is fairly strong so it won't fly open in your makeup bag.

As you can see, Diamond Life consists of a greigey taupe and a glittery warm toned silver. All the pictures make this duo to be a lot prettier than expected. Not to say that it's not lovely - it is - but I expected a champagne shimmer and a matte light brown instead of these colors. The formulation of the matte is incredible, very buttery and smooth. The glittery color isn't amazing; it's a little chunky and causes fallout. As you can see from the swatches, the glittery one isn't very pigmented either, I think because it's just so packed full of shimmer that the base color doesn't really have a chance to show through. The matte shade is pigmented, but it's not far off from my skintone so it appears a little washed out on me. As for lasting power? These are very nice, but I wouldn't call them great. They definitively do require a primer for creasing, but they last pretty well on their own.

Final verdict: nice eyeshadows, especially for the price point. I would recommend if you like one of the duo's colors!

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  1. since the grey isn't that dark and the glitter isn't that pigmented, I might pass. However, I will definitely look at the other shades they have because other than that, these sound really nice :)


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