How would you like to know what I smell like?

8:11 PM

I have three signature scents. I don't like to switch up my perfumes, so I really just stick to these three. The Body Shop's Dreams Unlimited is a great, fresh scent that yells spring and early summer. I find the scent of it really uplifting; it's zingy and citrus-y and just generally fresh. Now this next perfume is something I got for Christmas and I've been wearing this exclusively since then; The Face Shop's Soul Promise Ring is a nice scent that smells like jasmine tea. I think it's really relaxing and makes me think of sweaters and cuddles. This last perfume is True Religion's Love Hope Denim, a sugary sweet scent that is borderline sickly, but I really like it!

Those are my signature scents! What are your favorite perfumes?

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