Sonia Kashuk Eye Couture Eye on Neutral Matte Palette | Review

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Hi, all! Today I've got a rewrite of an old review, specifically on my beloved SK Eye On Neutral Palette! The pictures are so crappy; lighting was super weird today. I tried to adjust it as best as I could but to no avail ): Read on to get a detailed, in-depth review with swatches!

What it is: a 12 color eyeshadow palette
Where: Target stores + online
Price: $20
BTW: SK does not test on animals!

Sonia Kashuk says that "the formulas have are extremely blendable with a velvety soft touch and superior color release." The shadows are paraben and fragrance free. This palette has three shades available; one is a 'limited edition' that I've seen around for at least seven months, one is this matte palette, and the other is the shimmery sister of this palette. 

Packaging is small, plain, and functional. It comes in a small snap shut palette with twelve smallish pans of totally matte shadow. The formulation of these shadows varies a lot from shadow to shadow. They swatch very pigmented but blend out sheerly, which I love (makes it hard for me to go overboard). Without a primer they last up fairly well, but do tend to crease a bit. Lasting power and crease resistance increases significantly with the use of one. This palette contains a wide variety of shades, from a peach to a black, making it perfect for travel. Read on for individual color and formula descriptions.

This picture is so damn blurry. I'm so sorry!
1: Nearly-white cream. Kicks up powder in the pan. Neither dry nor buttery.
2. Light beige. Perfect for a base color to even out eyelids. Dry formula.
3. Peachy light beige. Also good for base color for warmer tones. Dryish formula.

4. Yellow toned peach. Fantastic formulation; buttery and smooth.
5. Pink toned peach. Also very buttery and soft!
6. Light taupe. Great for a contour shade for warmer toned pale gales! Super smooth and buttery. 

7. Warmed toned medium brown; it's almost bricky. Dry formulation.
8. Neutral medium to dark brown. Really great brow color. Buttery and smooth formula!
9. Neutral dark brown. Also good for eyebrows. Buttery and soft.

10. Slightly warm toned taupe. Soft and buttery!
11. Appears gray on the pan and on the fingers, but when applied has a slight brown undertone. Hard and dry formula.
12. Black-ass black. Soft as a baby's butt!

Final verdict: really great budget palette. The formula differences and almost overblendibility might annoy some people, but I don't mind. This palette is a must have for matte lovers, and really great for traveling. I highly recommend!

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