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I'm not a big brush gal. I much prefer my good-ol fingers and sponge, because those two easily washable tools can cover pretty much my entire face. However lately I've been warming up to brushes, although I still prefer ones that are extremely versatile for the lazy ass I am.

I have three (well, four - I forgot to photograph one) brushes to talk about. The first is the oh-so-famous Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. Everybody that uses this brush loves it. I honestly wasn't expecting to love this brush when I got it - it just seemed so damn small for my face. It's a tad bit bigger than the first joint of my thumb. This dense, stiff but extremely soft brush can do everything. It buffs cream products out to perfection, is fairly decent at applying and blending liquids, and also can be used to pack on powder. I use this brush for applying cream concealer and cream blush as well. Another great brush is the Ecotools Retractable Kabuki Brush. This travel friendly kabuki is actually the perfect size for applying powder products - not too big, not too small. Perfect for buffing in powder foundation or application of powder blushes. This brush is so soft that sometimes I just like to run my fingers through it. I'm not crazy, I promise. The e.l.f. Small Stipple Brush is another wonderful multitasking brush. This small stipple brush is really wonderful for light application of products. I recommend you pick up any kind of stipple brush because they give quite light and very natural looking finishes, whether it be for powder or cream products. The very last face tool I'm going to talk about is the famous egg-shaped sponge. I honestly cannot believe I forgot to photograph my sponge in with this bunch, but I do really love it. Mine was some random knock-off of the Beauty Blender, but Sonia Kashuk makes a great alternative to the BB. These sponges are good for everything, and they give the most amazing finish. Use a dabbing and bouncing motion with them and you are given a natural, blended out look but with the coverage of the product you applied with. They're great for cream and liquid products and should be washed daily. (I wash mine when I'm in the shower - I use the leftover face wash on my face scrubber pad)

I have three types of eye tools to talk about. These are the brands I recommend, but really these brushes are essentials for everyone, no matter from what brand. One brush you should invest in for sure is a fluffy brush. These brushes are designed for light eyeshadow application and seamless blending, but they can also be used to gently blend out concealer in delicate areas of the face like the undereyes or corners of the nose. Here I have the Ecotools Highlighting brush, which is a really wonderful little fluffy brush. Really nice to apply an overly pigmented shadow. Another brush must-have is an angled brush. Why are these good to have, you ask? They're quite good for filling in eyebrows and lashline action (gel liner application, lining the lower lashline, etc). Here I have the e.l.f. Angled Brush, which has like three annoying splayed hairs. I had another one but the head came off of the handle and then I lost it, haha. If you're gonna go for this brush, be weary because e.l.f. brushes are extremely hit and miss, no two seem to be the same. Lastly, you should have a spoolie for brushing through lashes and brows.

Thanks for reading! What are your most versatile brushes?

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