Smokey Eye Made Easy

2:05 PM

I made a tutorial! As you can tell by the title, it's a smokey eye made easy! I find that smokey eye tutorials are always way too complex, so I thought I'd show you how I do them. It's hella easy.

Step 1: Prime the lids! This step is optional actually, depending on the oilyness of the eyes. I used NYX's HD Eyeshadow Primer

Step 2: Apply the base color. Apply it all over your lid, and try to keep it under the crease, but it doesn't matter if it goes a tad above. I used a brown eyeliner (Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pencil) but you can use whatever you have laying around, whether it be a cream shadow or an eyeliner like me.

Step 3: Smudge out the base color. I use my finger to spread out the shade. You don't have to very neat or perfect about this.

Step 4: Apply a corresponding shade. I used a brown shimmery eyeshadow and an angled crease brush, focusing most of the color near my lash line.

Step 5: Add liner or mascara if you want!

Annnnd then you're done! Easy as 1-2-3. I'm not very happy with the quality of the photographs, but this is my first try and I have many more to come.

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