Some Pretty Rad Shopping Websites

7:42 PM

I hate going shopping in person. I hate sales associates who try to sell me things and push me around. I know it's their job, but please don't bother me. I want to get things done on my own sweet time. And so what if I look at a product for fifteen minutes and decide not to buy it? That's where online shopping comes in handy. Of course, there are plenty of downsides to online shopping but I feel that the benefits outweigh the negatives tenfold. So without further ado, here are some pretty cool websites.

Uncommon Goods is a beautiful beautiful website. It sells unique but sleek and chic things. Furniture, decor, accessories, etc; this site has pretty much all the cool things you could find. The items are more on the expensive side, but they're quite cool. 

ThinkGeek is one for the nerds. This site sells fandom stuff, and it is incredible. It's like Hot Topic (which also has fandom stuff, but a limited selection) except expanded. It doesn't just sell fandom stuff though, there are also some pretty rad decor pieces and outdoorsy things. Definitely one to bookmark if you're a fandom person.

Rodale's is a website I discovered very recently but am now obsessed with. This is a website that sells stuff for healthy living, such as organic and natural products, clothes made from organic cotton, cool handcrafted jewelry, etc. This is one to check out if you're a big naturals lover. Plus when I ordered something they sent me an email saying "you're wonderful" (*^▽^)/

Kikkerland is a brand that sells nifty and cool gadgets. The brands website doesn't have many things up on it, so you're better off looking it up on Amazon but they are such cool little toys. Really great for stocking stuffers or cute little gifts.

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