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I've not done a favorites post since January, and I've been enjoying a bunch of things lately, from makeup to skincare to haircare to fashion and to random. Read on!

I just put up a review of this (here), so I'll keep this short and sweet. Although these are not the most full coverage concealers, they're very light (as the name implies) and look so natural. It's only available in two shades, but they're pretty versatile for medium to light skin tones.

I put up a review of this recently, check it out here. I really like this because not only is the color gorgeous, the formula is also great. It can be built up or sheered out, blends easily and quickly, and doesn't crease. It's the perfect everyday shadow for the gals on the hurry who still like to look nice.

I stopped using this for a bit during the winter, but now that the weather is warming up I've been incorporating it into my daily routine. This has a great lightweight formula that gives what I think is the perfect amount of color to the lips. Super Strawberry is a great dark berryish pink shade that goes great as a light wash of color, and it's a wonderful everyday shade.

After being seperated for this for a few months, I finally got around to getting another tube. I really like this stuff, as it provides a nice hold without crunchiness. 

I got this back in March or February, and I've been enjoying it since then. This cream spreads nicely over your face and feels quite calming and nice. There's a scent, but it smells like nonoffensive fragrance free stuff. If you've ever used a fragrance free body lotion, that's what this one smells like. 

I didn't quite realize how much I enjoyed this until lately. It's made a few cameos on the blog so far, but no formal mentions. I use this day and night, but to be honest that's partially because I'm too lazy to get a seperate day and night cream. This is a pretty thick cream, and it's a little difficult to spread over the skin, but it absorbs quickly and leaves skin feeling plump and hydrated.

Tarte Maracuja Oil + C-Brighter Eye Treatment
I wrote a review on both of these products here. I really like them! I use the eye cream purely in the day because it has shimmery particles, but it's rich and moisturizing and sits really well under makeup. I love the oil for added nighttime moisture and it makes my skin feel very plump and hydrated. It's also really good on the hair. I'll probably be purchasing this exact duo (if I still see it) when I run out of the product. I did some quick math and it turns out these are actually a deal for their size, plus the tiny size allows me to travel with them.

Coola SPF 30 Mineral Face Cucumber Matte Finish
I'll have a review of this up shortly, so I'm not going to go too in depth about this. Basically, this is a great natural sunscreen with a great finish and scent. It's gentle yet effective.

C.O. Bigelow My Favorite Night Balm
This stuff is incredible! It's a very thick cream that sinks into the lips slowly overnight. Although it's sunken in by morning, you can still feel the hydrating effects of this balm when you wake. It's a great fix for lips that won't un-chap.

ZiZi Girl Fleet booties
These are the cutest shoes ever. Cute but not girly, these super versatile booties are my favorite shoes. They're comfy and go with everything and god I just love them so much.

Head massger
I cut about six or seven inches of my beautiful hair off, and I hate the length so I'm trying to grow it out as quickly as possible. One little tool that I've been using to try to promote hair growth is this head massager, which looks like a torture instrument, but basically the little balls on the ends of the arms massage your scalp, improving circulation and leaving you feeling all tingly and cold. I've yet to see any major changes, but I love the way it feels and it can't hurt to keep massaging away.

Lemon water
I adore water. I drink around 2 to 3 huge bottles during the day and countless glasses at night. Yes, I have to pee a lot, but water is great for your body in every way imaginable. Some people say water gets tiring and tasteless, so to them, I say flavor it. Slice up some fruit and pop them in a water bottle and not only do you look super cool with fruit floating around your bottle, you have a delicious flavored drink to enjoy with minimal effort.

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