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I get a tad bit obsessive when I fall in love with a product... It's the first thing I think about in the morning. Okay, that's an exaggeration, but there are definitely products I place by my bed so they're there when I wake up, or by my side when I sleep. These coveted products are my necessities for the dead of the night or at the crack of dawn.

Lip balm is something I absolutely cannot live without. It has to be everywhere in my house... My bathroom, my kitchen, my dining room, living room, and obviously, bedroom. I have various ones stashed in my home (I wasn't kidding about that everywhere in my house thing), but I have to say, my favorites are my Rose Salve and Nivea Lip Butter in Vanilla and Macadamia Kiss. I slather either one of these on while I'm lounging around in my bed (a lot of the time, my friend).

Hand cream is something else that I love, however not to the obsessive amount as lip balm. I do love it enough to always have one by my bed. The one I'm using right now is the Bath& Body Works Sea Island Cotton Hand Cream, which is very lovely. The fresh and clean scent, combined with the rich and hydrating (and fast absorbing, I must add) formula makes me swoon for this cream.

I have a body mist that I actually use as pillow mist... I know, it's kind of weird, but the scent (Sea Island Cotton to match the hand cream!) is really clean and relaxing. I spritz some on my sheets before climbing in for the night.

I keep a hand sanitizer by my bed in case I feel like my hands are dirty, and the one I have is the B&BW Japanese Cherry Blossom Pocketbac.

You must stay hydrated. I drink so much water throughout the course of a day, and that includes at night too. I keep a mug by my bed and fill it up to the brim before I retire to my room for the night. Before I go to bed, I try to drink at least half the mug, and then I drink the rest in the morning.

By my bed, I also keep some random essentials. My phone, iPod and dock, a hair clip, and chargers. There's also a pair of tweezers for stray hairs!

Thanks for reading! What do you keep by your bed?

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