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Today's post is a review! I'm pretty excited to be publishing this review, when I was looking online I could only find a handful of reviews on this particular product. Most of the reviews were on the original, not this shade.

What it is: a brightening eyeliner
Where it is: Target and online
For how much: $17
Anything else: Pixi does not test on animals

Pixi products really interest me. In case you didn't know, Pixi is a British based brand. Their products are sold exclusively in Target stores in the States. All of their products are packaged nicely and the green shade they have is gorgeous. There are also testers at the store, which is great. The only problem is that these products are pretty overpriced. I mean, come on! For a drugstore brand, do you really need to sell an eyeliner for seventeen dollars?  Even considering this, I have a pretty long Pixi wishlist...

So this eyeliner is basically a brightening liner. I've been interested in getting one of these since reading an article over on The Beauty Department.  There are two shades available, I'm reviewing 2 Extra Bright. Extra Bright is packaged the same as the other, but the box it comes in is different. Pixi describes this pencil as "This waterproof precision inner rim liner is designed to brighten the eyes and make the eye whites look whiter. Twist-up, non-sharpening precision point pen makes it easy to use and adds a brightening effect exactly where you want it. The pale white-pink-lavender colour enhances the whiteness of the eye white, giving the illusion of larger, more bright and awake eyes - your own little wakeup makeup secret!" This liner is hypoallergenic, paraben-free, mineral oil free, and suitable for sensitive eyes. It contains sunflower seed oil to "soothe eyes and help skin retain moisture." Sounds lovely, right?

The packaging for this is simple and functional. It's a retractable eyeliner, meaning you don't have to sharpen, but the tip does wear down and it's less hygienic. The cap on my liner is actually pretty difficult to get off, the first time I opened the product I thought perhaps the lid was jammed? Nope, it just catches on so sturdily that you have to put some elbow grease into it just to use the liner. That being said, at least I know for a fact that the lid won't come off and leave me with pink marks on the inside of my makeup bag!

The color of this pencil is really pretty. Like Pixi describes, it's a pale mixture of white, lavender, and pink. I think this liner would be a good match from pale to medium skin tones. There's no shimmer, but this liner reflects light nicely, brightening the areas where you put it. I use this on my lower rim and inner corners for a quick wake-me-up on days where my eyes are looking especially exhausted. It really makes me eye whites lighter and also makes my eyes appear a tad bit larger. I also like to use this on my Cupid's bow for a subtle highlight. Anyways, the texture of this liner is a lot harder than I imagine. You have to warm it up first, which I don't like, but it really wouldn't be a problem for most people. What I like to do is warm it up by drawing on the back of my hand, then dipping my pinky into the product and patting it in the inner corner. Then I draw a line on my waterline with the now-warmed pencil.

Bottom line? I like this liner, but I wish it was softer. I recommend for anyone who doesn't mind having to warm it up first.

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  1. I love a good brightening eyeliner and the color is gorgeous, so I might have to give this a look.. Well, if I can find it! My target is so organized and great, except for the pixi counter. 75% of the products will be gone and used :(

    Also, have you seen NYX at Target? My target just started selling the brand


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