Elizabeth Arden Hydrating Mask | Review

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Hi, everybody! Today's post is another review, on the Elizabeth Arden Hydrating Mask. Read on to see my thoughts on it!

What it is: a face mask
Where it is: I purchased mine at Marshalls (it always seems to be in stock there) but Elizabeth Arden products are available in department stores and online.
How much: around $13
Anything else: Elizabeth Arden products are tested on animals

This is basically a mask that you put on your face. It's no longer available on the website, so I can't find any claims for you... Apologies, apologies! You're supposed to leave this mask on your face for five to ten minutes and then rinse off.

Click on the image to enlarge if you want to read the info!

The packaging is fairly simple. It's a pale pink squeeze tube with directions in and ingredients on the back.

The product itself is a semi-opaque light pink color. The texture of this mask feels almost clay based, it's very solid and takes a bit of work to evenly spread around on the face. It has a bit of a strange but not unpleasant smell, the best way I can describe it is herbally. The mask feels very refreshing and tingly on the face, however some have said that the tingling turned to burning after just a few minutes. I have not had this issue with the mask, but if you have sensitive skin this mask could be a bit of an issue. Although the directions say to rinse this mask off after five to ten minutes, I leave it on as long as I want. This is because this mask doesn't really do anything for my skin. It feels nice and tingly, that's it.

I'm partial to this product. It's not hydrating, but it does feel really nice on the skin.

Thanks for reading! Have you tried this? What do you think?

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