Maybelline Masterdrama Eyeliner Review

12:09 PM

Hey, guys. How are you? So today, I've got a review on the Maybelline Masterdrama Cream Eyeliner.

What it is: a cream eyeliner
Where it is: drugstores and online
For how much: about $8 depending on where you get it
Anything else: Maybelline products are tested on animals

Maybelline claims that this eyeliner has a "Pencil's delivery plus cream's intensity. Created with the highest concentration of pigments for more intense eye drama. The new generation of liner."

These cream pencils are available in five shades. I have mine in black, or Midnight Master.

The liner is packaged in an automatic pencil, which insures that no product is wasted from sharpening, but at the same time it's not as hygienic as a clean, newly sharpened pencil. There are obvious flaws with the packaging of this liner... First of all, I had to twist for ages when I first got the liner for any product to come out. Secondly, it won't go back down! What weird packaging. It's not just mine as well, others have said the same.

This pencil is super pigmented, the color apply opaque in one swatch. It's creamy and smudgable. However, it does tend to skip on the eye a bit. It also moves around on the eyelid and by the end of the day you have panda eyes!

I wanted to like this liner, I really did. A lot of people have loved it. It was nice and pigmented, but from the packaging to the budging around, I knew it just wasn't my cup of tea.

Bottom line: I didn't like the liner, but a lot of others have.

Gracias for reading! Have you tried this liner? If so, what'd you think?

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