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Hi everyone! I realize it's only been a couple of weeks since my last favorites post, but I went shopping after that post went up and have since then discovered a few more things that I really love, so I thought I'd bring you another favorites post. I should've just waited to do a July Favorites... oh well!

When I saw this product, I knew I had to have it. The packaging drew me in. So lovely! Anyways, I’ve been really loving this product. It smells lovely, foams up very well, and cleans my skin thoroughly without leaving it feeling stripped. It also removes makeup very well.

Sephora Triple Action Cleansing Water – in-depth review coming soon!
This is a cleansing water that I was very impressed with. I use this as a makeup remover on my lazier days, and it does the job just as well as my coconut oil. It smells fresh and has a nifty pump dispenser, which I love.

Eye Brow Pencil - Black
Unfortunately, I have no idea what brand this is from… I bought it in Taiwan for 40 NT dollars expecting it to suck, and then it sat in a drawer for a year. It’s got a spoolie on one end, and a retractable gray-toned black pencil. I lightly fill in my brows with this, and then brush them out with the spoolie. The color lasts all day and doesn't budge. I have a lot of trouble finding a truly black brow pencil in the States, and this is it.

Physician’s Formula Eye Booster Eyeliner – read my full review here
Originally, I liked this liner but I wasn’t swayed, but after a few months of using it I’ve really fallen in love with this product. It’s just so easy and convenient to use! In fact, the claims about it being an eyelash serum are true as well, I have noticed that my lashes are fuller and longer than before. After a quick swipe of powder or eyeshadow, this liner lasts all day and doesn’t smudge or fade away.

This trio is amazing. All the colors are beautiful. They’re buttery, well pigmented, last all day, and the colors go very well together. I especially love the highlight shade, it’s a good highlight for the rest of my face as well. A swipe down the bridge of my nose, a dot on my cupids bow, and two light dustings on my cheekbones bring out my features and make me look glowing and healthy.

I recently got this lip butter (the only one of the three scented ones I didn’t own) and I must admit that I like it a lot more than Raspberry Rose or Caramel Cream. The other ones leave my lips with a white cast, and this doesn’t. The formula of all are spectacular, however. Super hydrating and sweet smelling.

This was a gift from a friend, and it’s also a sample sized product. It’s so pretty! The polish is a light peachy pink that dries quickly and doesn’t chip.

There’s not much to say about a nail polish remover. However, this takes off my polish with ease and doesn’t leave my cuticles in a sorry state.

True Religion is famous for their crazy expensive jeans. I didn’t even realize they made a perfume, until I found this travel size floating around a Marshalls. I sniffed it, and I knew I had to have it. It smells intoxicating. Sweet and flirty, it has notes of caramel and sugar, but it’s not sickly sweet. It’s feminine but strong, and I will be buying the full bottle when my little one runs out.

Nails are the Estee Lauder polish!
Antique Ring
I recently returned home from a visit to my hometown, where I purchased this little gem at an antique shop called Antelope (located in downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan). It’s pretty and cute, but very small and only fits on my pinky.

In The Middle – Mat Kearney
Mat Kearney is one of my favorite artists, and this song is one of my favorites by him. It’s beautiful and emotional. Listen to it.

Thanks for reading! What have you been leaving lately?

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