Personal Thursday!

4:12 PM

I decided that I'm going to do one personal post per week, and in this case, it's going to be every Thursday. Why? It's NBC Thursday and usually I try to finish my work at school so I can just relax Thursday evenings.

I'm trying to use up all my products that were tested on animals. It's such a waste to just toss them all, and they're all half-used so I can't give them away. So basically, I'm wearing makeup near every day now. I usually only wear makeup a couple times a month, less than 5. I just find it a hassle to take it off, and I'm not unsatisfied with my natural beauty either.

Daily makeup routine - make a triangle with Garnier's Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller from my eye to the top of my nostril. Blend out with a beauty blender. Then put Maybelline Color Tattoo in Inked in Pink all over my lid with my pinky. Blend out with my ring. Then coat lashes with Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lashes.

Animal testing is inhumane and wrong. It needs to be stopped and companies that test on animals should be boycotted until they do stop.

I need to make a run to Target. Gotta get some tinted moiturizer/foundation/dry shampoo/alcohol-free toner/mascara/cleanser/eyelid primer/smudging brush/wedge foundation sponges. As you can tell, I have a lot of stuff to get. Oh! I also need a new filter for my water Bobble.

If you don't know what a Bobble is, it looks like this.

It's basically a refillable water bottle that filters your water as you drink it. They're really cute and handy.

Anyways, it's NBC Thursday! Every Thursday, religiously, I do the dishes at 7:30, turn on my TV at 7:50, get my iPad out to check in on GetGlue (free stickers for check-ins), and wait for Community to be on, then Parks later. It used to be 30 Rock first, but then it... ended... sobsobsobsobsob. Anyways, the Christmas episode of Community's on tonight. Not sure if Parks is, but I'll stay tuned until then anyways.

Community is doing okay with Dan Harmon. It's not the same, but it's still really good. Parks and Rec has only gotten better. You should definitely watch those shows if you don't already.

I have an itch to go on an adventure. I'm making an effort to document more of my life through pictures, because I don't want to forget my teenage years.

I just realized I've seen Forrest Gump. I've spent ALL of my days thinking I never saw it. I just saw this familiar looking gifset and Googled it to see what movie it was, and it was Forrest Gump. I guess I just never knew the name of the movie until now.

It was a good movie. I should watch it again. Yeah, I'll watch it the next time I go to my bf's house. I don't even buy movies anymore, I just go to his house and watch them. He's got basically every movie to ever exist.

Apple products are so pretty. Just looking at them is like a sigh of happiness. They're sleek and sexy, also fast and simple. However, you look at the price tag and die. My iPad's been a bitch to me lately. It closes out of my apps, sometimes freezes when I turn it on, and won't save gifs. Eh, whatever.

Can we talk about something? Let's just talk about it. Iron. Man. 3. I am way too excited.

I've got a huge crush on RDJ and Tony Stark and Iron Man and Tony x Pepper and oaeijgoaegjoeaijgoaiegjoacmkjfbgsuyewioate dies

The last movie I was this excited for was Admission, starring the beautiful and amazing and intelligent and funny Tina Fey.

I never would have paired her and Paul Rudd together, but hey, it worked. It was a good movie, less of a comedy then you'd imagine, but good nonetheless.

You ever have those days where you just daydream about your bed? I had one of 'em today. I'm gonna go take my makeup off and take a nap. Thanks for reading yo.

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