10 Facts About Me

11:33 PM

I'm rather serious on this blog. I feel like I never joke or make cute phrases. I've hardly said much about myself, so I thought that I'd make a post about myself (other than my Personal Thursday posts, which are on hiatus).

1. My name is Emily, and I live on the East Coast - specifically Jersey. I stand at 5'4", although I feel a lot shorter since I always slouch.

2. I love food, especially food I make, but I'm so lazy that sometimes I just Google pictures if what I'm craving instead of making it.

3. I suffer from insomnia, hence the title of my blog. It's okay. I take melatonin supplements sometimes to help me sleep, but often they leave me feeling even more exhausted in the morning.

4. I'd like to say I exercise regularly, but that would be lying. I'm much too lazy to, and when I do, it's half assedly jogging on the treadmill with my iPad in front of me playing the latest episode of a TV show I missed when it was on air. Which brings me to my next fact...

5. I love television. I have problem. I love it that much. If you watch a lot of TV then you understand where I'm coming from. 

6. Photography is one of my favorite things in this world. I enjoy almost every aspect of it, aside from the buying gear part because stuff is so damn expensive.

7. I'm not clumsy, but I'm far from graceful. I'm always messily shoving my hair behind my ear, trying to get a pebble out of my shoe, or dropping things when I can't afford to bend down for fear of spilling everything in my arms. I suppose I just get a lot of misfortune. I do tend to stumble over my words a lot, plus I speak quickly. Not a very good combination.

8. I love traveling. I think my favorite place that I've gone to so far was Grand Teton National Park. Beautiful. I dream of Paris.

9. I can't stand people touching my neck. I hate it.

10. I am terrible at guessing numbers of things. I could look at a jar of jelly beans and tell you there's more then ten and less then a million. Same goes for anything you really have to guesstimate the numbers by looking.

Okay, thanks for reading! You have a good day.

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