Surviving the Heat | I'm dying in the humidity

9:09 PM

So I don't know if you've noticed... But it's June. Crazy right? It seems like the year just started and we were all laughing about the fact that we didn't die on December 21st. But since we're not dying then, we're definitely dying now because it's so freaking humid!

I don't live in a place that gets super hot, like Arizona, but I think I'd rather live there because it gets so humid here sometimes. At least it's dry out west. I have been simply smoldering in this humidity. It's pretty bad. I've compiled a list of things to do in order to survive the heat.

  1. Drink water, and lots of it.
  2. Keep your hair out of your face.
  3. If you're going to be outside, wear sunscreen and drink lots of water.
  4. Carry around a little dry shampoo.
  5. Don't think about how hot you are!
Okay y'all, that's it for this quickie post. Thanks for reading! Stay cool!

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