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2:03 PM

hey bun buns, how's it going? i'm doing okay, studying for exams right now with my hair in a top not and no bra on (tmi? sorry boo).

What a terrible picture. I apologize.

today's post is about lip balms. lip balms are something we often don't think too much about, but yet everybody uses them. me? i love lip balm. they're one of my guilty pleasures. i have much too many for anyone's sake. i wanted to explain something of lip balms that most people usually don't know.

many lip balms contain a lot of wax. this isn't a necessarily a bad thing, but waxy balms do cater to a specific need. instead of providing moisture, they're designed to create a barrier and lock moisture in. and why do we use lip balms? to give our parched lips moisture. if our lips don't have moisture, and we apply something meant to lock in moisture, isn't it basically useless? if you're looking for something to provide hydration, use a balm that doesn't have wax in the first five ingredients. then apply a waxy balm on top to really lock in the moisture.

i don't recommend you use eos, chapstick, or burt's bees lip balms for the simple reason that they're all very waxy. instead, use something like carmax, palmers, nivea, or trusty rose salve.

okay y'all, thanks for reading! have a wonderful day.

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