How to Get Through School | Exam Edition

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Not related to school but I think this is just beautiful

Finals are fast approaching for those of us that are still in school. For all you lucky ones whoi have finished, I am sincerely jealous. I wanted to share with you some knowledge that I've picked up on how to get through exams.

1. Study in sessions/take breaks often

I like doing this because I can have me time while studying; for example I'll study for an hour, and then let myself watch an episode of my favorite show. You might think it's counterproductive, but I find that it actually helps me focus more when I'm done with my break.

2. Eat brain food

Self-explanatory. You won't be hungry and if you're the type that likes to eat while they're studying this is only going to help. I recommend fruit, very good for you with natural sugars.

3. Fiddle with something

Play with smething in your hands. I'm sure you have a stress ball or something like that in your house. For me, I like to spin pens. It's trick might sound a little weird to those that can sit still for hours, but for all you folks that are a tad (or a lot) bit ADHD this will be a lifesaver.

4. Pace yourself

This and the sessions tip go hand in hand, I think. Personally, I'm a lazy asshole so I do tend to cram for everything. I'm aware that that is not a good habit at all. Take my advice, don't be an Emily.

5. Sleep well

Teachers, friends, and family always tell you this - because it's true! You don't want to be falling asleep during the exam, even if it's because you were up so late last night studying for it. Being asleep during the test isn't going to do you any good.

6. Make lists

Checking something off a list is strangely satisfying. I reccmend making lists of things to study in order.

7. Don't neglect yourself 

Last, but certainly not least, remember to take care of yourself. Eat a good breakfast before the exam, get lots of sleep.

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