Nivea Lip Butters Review

9:24 PM

I freaking love lip balms. I have way too many, enough to last me at least three lifetimes. The Nivea Lip Butters are lip balms that have been raved about, and I just knew I had to pick some up.

I'd originally gotten all three scented ones (Raspberry Rose Kiss, Caramel Cream Kiss, and Vanilla and Macadamia Kiss), but I gave one away to my friend. For the record, all three of them smell freaking amazing.

Nivea products can be bought in certain drugstores. They were around $3.50 for each at my local Target. They come in little tins and Nivea does not test on animals, but they are not a vegan brand.

Raspberry Rose Kiss

Caramel Cream Kiss

Both of these are thick balms. They smell amazing. People say they taste amazing, but I really don't taste anything. Caramel Cream Kiss doesn't do this as much as Raspberry Rose Kiss, but they leave a white cast on your lips. For this reason, I only apply these at home. As for hydrating the lips, these are so good. They contain vitamin E and no waxes, which is great. The balmy feeling doesn't last for very long, but they provide hydration for hours.

You should definitely go get some. They're very good, especially for the price.

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