Best 13 of 2013

2:17 PM

I thought deciding which products would make the cut would be easy... Turns out I was wrong. After much contemplation, I have narrowed my favorite products of 2013 down. These aren't in any particular order, just how I would use them on my face.

I'm sure you're tired of hearing me rave about this. I cannot say enough good things about this cleanser. This little guy is powerful and provides a deep clean BUT won't dry out my skin, doesn't strip it, or cause any sort of bad reaction. It removes makeup well, smells nice, and is affordable. Cannot recommend enough.

This mask is a hidden gem. I've never heard anyone talk about it, ever, before I stumbled upon it in TJ Maxx. I fell in love right away. This detox mask really sucks out impurities without being harsh on my skin. It also brightens my complexion a bit. 

These little silicone face pads are really big in Asia, but they haven't quite gotten enough hype overseas. You squeeze some cleanser on it, and massage the face. They're quite cheap, but really great. These are a lot better then cleansing manually; the little silicone 'arms' cleanse out your pores and help remove makeup.

What can I say? Multifunctioning salve, good for any type of dry spot. Use on lips, elbows, cuticles, face, etc. Really useful and effective.

This eye cream is just lovely. It sinks in quickly, doesn't aggravate or bring up milia, and is quite gentle on the skin. It hydrates really well too, and the lightweight formula wears really well under makeup.

Easy to use concealer. Blends like a dream, combats dark circles, feels good when applying to skin. The tube lasts FOREVER. Doesn't crease or dry out delicate undereyes, and is really good for brightening elsewhere on the face.

This creamy concealer palette has it all. Three shades, a neutralizer and a setting powder, this is really great. The shades can be mixed to create the perfect concealer color. This offers medium coverage and doesn't look cakey or unnatural. It blends and buffs into the skin really well, and lasts when properly set with a powder. 

Damn, I love this stick. It's so nice. This cream highlighter is easy to use, easy to blend, long lasting, brightens up a complexion instantly, and the shade is beautiful. It reflects light like a dream. I'm in love.

I have talked about this countless times. Why? It's amazing. 12 amazingly pigmented matte shades work together to give you a versatile palette with all colors from a peach to a gray to a black. I get a lot of use out of the shades and love  how buttery the shadows are.

This pencil is the secret to my beloved eyebrows. This pencil is long lasting, the color is a very good match, and it doesn't get patchy. It's a really nice pencil that I recommend for anyone.

You know how sometimes brow gels and clear mascaras can leave your eyebrows feeling crispy? Or you get the gel on the skin surrounding you eyebrows? This gel doesn't give you either of those. The formula holds your shape and color really well without crispiness, and the small applicator makes it difficult to get brow gel on anywhere but the brows.

This eyeliner is sooo silky. It's super pigmented and doesn't drag when going onto the eyelid at all. Did I mention how it glides on like butter? It's incredible. So. Freaking. Silky.

This shade is beautiful. It's a dark plummy pink that is actually really wearable. Super pigmented, super silky, feels really well on the lips, and lasts really well. Up to six hours of wear without drinking.

Thanks for reading! What did you love this year?

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