Sonia Kashuk Chic Luminosity Bronzer/Blush Duo | Review

4:41 PM

Hi, all! It's been oddly warm lately, considering it's December. Today I've got a review for you. Read on!

What it is: a bronzer/blush duo
Where it is: Target stores
Price: $12.99
Other info: SK is cruelty free and is sold exclusively at Target

Sonia Kashuk is easily one of my favorite brands. Everything I try from the brand is a total hit. The affordable price and luxurious packaging always draw me in, and my SK wishlist is ever-growing.

This bronzer/blush duo comes in three shades. I'm reviewing 51 Glimmer. The bronzer half of this is available by itself, but the blushes only come in the duo. Sonia Kashuk says that this duo's "hybrid texture combines all the best features of baked, powder, cream and fluid formula to easily blend, protect against dryness and deliver buildable color payoff that lasts up to 12 hours without fading."

As always, the packaging is really nice. The outside is a pretty bronze color, with a magnetic closure that's pretty strong. There's no wasted space that has a brush/puff or mirror, which could be a good or bad thing, depending on personal preference. Personally I don't care if it has a mirror or not, but at least now I know I won't be paying as much for packaging.

Look at the alligator pattern! Isn't it pretty?

The texture of this is pretty unique for a blush. The powder is packed really densely (it doesn't kick up any powder in the pan!) which gives you a pretty sheer application (it's supposed to be sheer) although the pigmentation of the blush isn't at all bad. It's quite easy to build up and lasts pretty well. The colors of this blush though... The bronzer is so metallic. It's a really shimmery bronze, not for contouring at all. It's much more suited to be an eyeshadow, and it can be used as such because this product is baked! The blush has a satin finish, neither matte nor shimmery, and is a peachy shade. Together, they form this sort of shimmery tan peach shade, which is great for summer, but it's December. 

This duo isn't bad. I seem a little confused in this review, and that's because I am. I don't love or hate this, it's just not my style - shimmery things aren't my favorite. Perhaps the other shades will please me more. Anyways, I would recommend this for those looking for a sheer, shimmery and glowy application. This is definitly more of a summer product.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. love the pattern! I've been really curious about their cream bronzers! They remind me of the Chanel bronzer everyone and their mother raves about!


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