No7 Stay Perfect Lipstick | Review

8:08 PM

Hi guys! I'm currently taking a break from my homework to write this. Today's post is a review on the No7 Stay Perfect Lipstick.

What is it: a lipstick!
Where: Target stores and online
Price: $9.99
Anything else: Boots does not test on animals.

Boots is one of those brands that never fail to catch my eye. They've just got so many lines, I could slowly read them all for hours. I got this lipstick a while back, but accidentally picked up this shade instead of the one I wanted (Pink Angel). Oh well.

Boots says that this "No7 Stay Perfect Lipstick will ensure your pout packs a punch! Available in 8 trendy shades, this long-lasting lip color has been designed to stay in place for up to 8 hours, giving an intense color-rich finish in just one coat." I have mine in the color Raspberry.

Would you look at that packaging? So pretty. It comes in a sleek and shiny lipstick tube that can attract fingertips and dirt, but only to a little extent. The packaging for the line is all the same, hence why I grabbed this one instead of the one I wanted. The cap snaps on securly, which is satisfying.

Raspberry is a dark pinky-plum color. It's quite close to red, although it looks plain dark pink on my swatch. Your lip pigmentation will boost it to a darker color. The lipstick is pretty pigmented, with a very creamy and non-drying texture. Although it's not quite a matte finish, there's no shine or reflecting light properties. This lipstick is by no means hydrating, but like mentioned before, is not at all drying. It lasts okay. There is a bit of transfer when drinking and eating, but it's not going to disappear if you're just talking. The claim is that this will last eight hours, which is preposterous. It lasts around three or four.

Overall, I think this lipstick is okay. Is it worth the $10? No, but it's not a bad lipstick.

Thanks for reading! What's your favorite lipstick?

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