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6:31 PM

Hi, guys! Today I've decided to show you my favorite everyday styles when I'm not feeling too lazy to do my hair. I'll be showing you a picture of how I do it, and giving you a quick explanation.

The French Braid
The knowledge of French braiding is so helpful. A French braid is a super versatile style that can be dressed up or down by simply loosening/messing it up and bam, you've suddenly got a casual hairstyle. Not to mention that when you shake your locks out of the braid you'll be left with beautiful waves. This braid can be made by crossing strands over another and adding in hair every time you cross. (Watch this video for a detailed tutorial)

The Fishtail Braid
Oh my, this style is the love of my life. It's oh-so-easy and requires no time at all. If you ever look at me in class chances are I'm either looking out the window or doing my hair into this style. I think it's really pretty and (like the French braid) super versatile. This braid is done by simply splitting hair in two and pulling strands over to the other side. Check out this video (PS it's the same one as before!).

The Faux Sidecut
Sidecut styles are a side of the head shaved, for those of you that don't know. Oh my, I would love to have one. My face, however, is too flat and my unflattering profile would NOT look good with a permanent one. So I fake it! This style is super easy, consisting of three Dutch braids pinned underneath the rest of the hair. A Dutch braid is almost the same as a French, except strands are crossed under rather than over.

The Braided Bun
I love this bun. It gets my hair out of my face with a pretty bun that leaves people wondering how I did. Not to mention that the braids can be switched out for fishtail or rope braids. Very pretty and easy. This bun is made by pulling hair up in a ponytail and simply braiding it, and wrapping it into a bun.

The Bow
I made this bow out of a square piece of fabric! If I can find the Pinterest tutorial I used I'll def link you. Anyways, this bow is the cutest thing. Adding it to a simple ponytail amps up your cuteness and makes it look you put a million hours into your hair when really you pulled it up messily when running out the door this morning.

By the way, my arm is like that in every picture because I was pointing a remote at my camera. It looks really weird now that I look at it, haha. Thanks for reading! How do you usually do your hair?

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