Personal Thursday #4

4:12 PM


Let's talk about the weather. It's nice. Let's talk about what the nice weather brings. Allergies. Let's talk about who gets allergies. Not me. But not this year. They hit me like a train this year. I've got itchy eyes, a stuffed nose, my ears have been popping non stop, my throat is just coated with mucus (sorry for that image), and my lips are dry as the Sahara. I feel terrible, and I have for about two weeks now. It sucks. Lip balm and movies have been my savior lately.

But aside from that, it has been really nice out. The weather's been nice, it's sunny and warm, and spring has finally come. Don't get me wrong, I see a lot of the sun over here. But the weather's been insane for the past few months. We all know this. Hurricane Sandy is a prime example, if you live in the East Coast.

I've taken advantage of the flowers (although they kill me from the pollen) and have gotten very close and friendly with a few. These are the raw jpegs, no editing done.

We're thinking about going on a cruise this summer, but my parents always feel the need to include my brother for whatever reason. He refuses to go on a cruise. I think he's afraid of boats.

I've been having some trouble sleeping. I've always had mild insomnia, which means you can't sleep. It's been getting worse and worse. And what I do in the middle of the night? Go on tumblr. I can't even bring myself to be productive by doing homework or photoshopping some stuff. What am I doing with my life?

Both my cameras are on the table right now and I'm starting to wish I had another because they look so cool lying there, I want to take a picture of them. I can't though, one is film and the film inside is for a project, and the other, obviously, would be crucial to the picture. I don't use my little digital cameras anymore for photography, they just don't cut it.

So... my neighbors have these small kids. I'm not a fan of kids. Whenever someone shows me a picture of a kid I do the whole "awwwww he/she's so cuuuuute" thing but I do not like children. They're loud and have no boundaries. I know they don't know any better, but I was never rude or loud as a kid and I can't see why they can't either. Hate on me all you want but that's not the point of the story. So my neighbors have kids, which is yeah fine whatever kids, but they play all day and night in the culdesac. I live on a dead end, so cars only come from one way and usually they don't even come onto my block unless they live here, so they're always in the street screaming and yelling and laughing and distracting me from working on homework (I like to keep the windows open) and sometimes they keep me up at night. I know, it's sad that I go to bed earlier than little kids, but once again, insomnia.

Who lives in the New York/Jersey area? You should definitly go to AIDs Walk on May 19th! You'll support the LGBT community and also raise money for HIV research, which is always a good cause. There are some really cool people there and also it's just nice to say that you walked 8 miles to benefit HIV. Last year it was hot as hell, it was my first year going and it was about 90 degrees that day. Imagine that, 90 degrees out in the sun all day with hundreds of thousands of people walking, all crushed together in a tight crowd. Annnnnyways, come to AIDs Walk! It's a good experience and a lot of fun.

Damn, I just made like 4 dents in my new lip balm with my nail... I hate it when that happens, the undisturbed surface is the lip balm is suddenly showered with dents.

I had a crapload of tests and quizzes this week. I was unprepared. Didn't study. I think I'm going to make a post on how to stop procrastinating and concentrate on studying. Trust me, I am the worst at this but I do have methods that work.

So speaking of tests, you can probably guess that that comes with stress. I've been freaking out all week. My chest is tight and I'm so tired all the time. Not good for my mental health, and my skin is beginning to suffer too. It's looking dull and tired, and the circles underneath my eyes are very very pronounced. Overall, it's been a pretty crappy week. At least I have TV to look forward to, right?

S'not much to keep me going though... I've had a bad couple of weeks and I'm ready for it to be summer. If you're a student, then you know exactly what I mean. School is just dragging by and I can't stand it.

So one of my favorite bands is Maroon 5, and they're currently on tour, coming to my area in August. I was so crushed, that concert was completely sold out.

Anyways, it's been pretty crap. Crap, crap crap.

Thanks for reading this pretty crap post... I''ll see you tomorrow.

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