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If you watch Parks and Recreation I'm sure you'll recognize that phrase (Tom and Donna, anyone?). Actually, I'm sure you'll recognize that phrase from life in general.

my bbys i love you donna
Everybody gets stressed. It's just what people do. If you're a student, you know that exams are approaching and have already happened for some people. This is usually the time of year where I stress, because I zone out while I should be studying and end up thinking about my plans for the weekend, or planning a trip with my friends somewhere after school is over. I'm going on a tangent. Anyways, this is how to unstress and treat yourself with a pamper day (or evening, or hour).

First things first: change into pjs. I do this as much as possible. I'm not even kidding. Whenever I get home I'm taking off my street clothes and putting my pajamas on. I just feel so much happier and comfier in them. Then, I like to cut up some fruit (mangos I freaking love mangos) and watch some television just to unwind and sink into my pamper mood.

After I've finished my food and entertainment, I like to take a nice long shower. You can take a bath, if you're a bath person. I just prefer showers because I think they're more invigorating than baths, but do whatever floats your boat. I like to apply a deep conditioner on my hair while in the shower, cover it with a shower cap and come back later to rinse it out. You know the drill here; exfoliate your body and shave your legs. Put a nice smelling body butter (or lotion) on when you get out of the shower and your skin will feel heavenly.

So when I get out of the shower, I like to heat my hair (which is still in the deep conditioner in the shower cap) for a bit with my blowdryer just to make sure the conditioner really sinks in and works its magic. Then I just follow up with my skincare routine and whatever I do when I finish a shower and apply a face mask.

I like to multitask so I usually do my nails while I'm waiting for the mask to do its job, but you can lie down with cucumbers over your eyes, that sort of thing. I also like to watch more TV and YouTube videos while doing this because I like background noise. Either way, just relax.

So what I like to do with my hands is to soak them in olive oil for a bit (maybe around 5 minutes) and then put on a pair of gloves for some time. I leave the gloves on for perhaps twenty minutes, but you can leave them on for however long you wish. I just like twenty minutes because it's usually the time my sheet mask has started to dry as well. Anyways, rinse the hands with warm water (no soap!) and your hands will feel just as great as your legs. I like to apply a hand and cuticle cream now, and I wait a few minutes for it to sink in. Then, just follow up with your manicure - buff, file, and paint your nails.

When I'm done with my nails and they're fully dried, I go to rinse the hair mask off my hair. Then I put a leave-in conditioner in my hair and let it air dry. While I'm waiting, I like to curl up on my couch with a nice blanket and book, or my iPad or my computer.

And that's it! When you're done with your day you'll feel so amazing it's not even funny. Enjoy, and thanks for reading!

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